Our experience is our greatest asset

Growing for over 40 years.

Growing safe, healthy, and quality products is nothing new for Natura Naturals. For over 40 years MCM Acres, Natura Naturals’ parent company, has been growing the finest hydroponic produce available. Our experience, knowledge, and on-going ambition creates the perfect growing environment for medical cannabis production. Natura Naturals is a Canadian company which is currently licensed for cultivation under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

A Safe Greenhouse Growing Environment

We produce plants in a 700,000 sqft greenhouse facility, under optimal growing conditions.
Our facility is fully sanitized to conform with GAP, GMP, & food safety standards, certified by primus labs since 2005. We have 10 years of exceptional scores on our third-party audits.

We use an irrigation & water recycling system that exceeds the 2027 nutrient initiative. We use 100% water recycling using a recirculation & nutrient system that includes sterilization. A dual water supply plus storage ensures zero crop failure due to water loss.
Heat is controlled automatically through Dutch design and cogeneration. Our dual heating and electrical systems remove the risk of crop failure due to freezing. CO2 reclamation at farm ensures a reduction in our carbon footprint.
For the most natural environment, Natura Naturals uses a complex method of biological control for their pest management solutions. Simply put, we introduce good bugs to eat bad bugs, thus eliminating the need for pesticides.

The Benefits of

with the Sun.

The first farmers relied on the power of the sun to provide valuable heat, light, and other essential plant nutrients. Greenhouses have expanded on this time-proven growing concept and added technology to provide the optimal growing environment. The result is a plant grown in a flawlessly-controlled, natural environment.

We grow our medical cannabis in a greenhouse instead of a warehouse to reduce our energy consumption, a cost-saving measure that allow us to produce superior medicinal cannabis at fair prices for the consumer.

The Solar Difference

Growing Cannabis in a Warehouse:
Light Suitable For Plant Growth - Warehouse

Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse:
Light Suitable For Plant Growth - Greenhouse