About Us

Quality Medical Cannabis Grown in Canada

Our 662,000 square foot facility, located in Leamington, Ontario, is the heart of our licensed cannabis production. Our extensive background in farming plus our unwavering ambition to share the benefits of medical cannabis has led us to be a major competitor in this burgeoning industry. We use leading-edge hydroponic farming practices to grow the finest products with a minimal carbon footprint.

Ontario Cannabis Cultivation

Blossoming from the MCM Acres greenhouse operations, Natura Naturals leverages 40 years of remarkable hydroponic operations. After decades of growing produce, Claudio Mastronardi, the founder of MCM Acres and Natura Naturals, travelled to Colorado. There, he met with doctors, dispensary owners, and operation managers to learn more about the medical cannabis industry. He was so inspired by their compassion, which reflected his own, that he returned home to Leamington and began the licensing process.

Arial image of cannabis growing at our hydroponic greenhouse facility

40 years of growing great produce

  • May 31st,

    MCM Acres is formed in Leamington, Ontario. Through traditional hydroponic methods in a greenhouse setting, we spend 28 years growing and selling extraordinary produce.

  • June

    MCM founder Claudio Mastronardi travels to Colorado. He meets and consults with Matt D Cook, former Senior Director of the Colorado Department of Revenue and architect of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Act, as well as local growers, doctors, and dispensary owners.

  • July

    Claudio returns home to Ontario inspired by the positive effects of cannabis on those with chronic pain or illnesses and immediately begins the application process to grow medical cannabis in Canada.

  • 2014

    The Leamington greenhouse is fitted with a proprietary air handling system designed and developed for optimal growing.

  • August 22nd,

    To better suit the new direction of our growing operations, the name MCM Acres is changed to Natura Naturals.

  • September 29th,

    Natura Naturals Inc. becomes a licensed cultivator of cannabis in accordance with the ACMPR. This is truly the beginning of the next era of our facility.

  • November 9th,

    A 32-strain genetics library is transferred to Natura Naturals. These tiny seeds are to become our new focus on helping Canadians have access to safe, medical cannabis.

  • November 24th,

    Our first ever cannabis crop is seeded! It fills our 25,000 square foot mothering room. Mother plants are the key to continued success in cannabis cultivation.

  • March 27nd,

    Dwight Duncan joins our board of directors. He arrives from his most recent post was as minister in the government of Dalton McGuinty. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his time as Deputy Premier, Minister of Finance and Minister of Energy.

  • July 12th,

    Our warehouse gets an upgrade — 12,000 more square feet! This new space includes one trim room, one bulk packaging room, one bottling room and a level 9 vault.

  • July 18th,

    Natura’s first commercial LP sale. Emblem invests $3 Million in Natura Naturals for 3,750,000 common shares. The companies also sign a 9,000 kg supply agreement over three years. Full details here for reference.

  • August 7th,

    Health Canada approves "Grow Space 2," a 34,500 square foot flowering room that has an anticipated harvest yield of 4,500 - 5,000 kilograms of medical-grade cannabis per year. Full details here for reference.

  • September 4th,

    Health Canada has approved Natura Naturals 13,430 square foot processing and packaging area, within the Leamington facility. Full details here for reference.

  • November 8th,

    Natura Naturals migrates to and obtains a new license number under the Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Regulation.

  • November 8th,

    Natura receives authorization to sell bulk lots of cannabis to other Licensed Producers in Canada.

The future of medicinal cannabis production - image

The Future of Medicinal Cannabis Production

Our focus is on our patients. We believe each person should have access to medical cannabis that is safe, high-quality, and reliable. As the medical cannabis landscape changes, we change along with it, but our passion for excellence never fades.

ACMPR licensed producer for Canadian cannabis - image

Licensed in accordance with Cannabis Regulations

Natura Naturals Inc. is a licensed cultivator of cannabis in accordance with the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations. We are routinely inspected by Health Canada to ensure our production standards meet their expectations and regulations. Natura Naturals is authorized to sell cannabis to other federal license holders in Canada. Our sales licence is pending.

The greenhouse difference at Natura Naturals - image

The Greenhouse Difference

Growing our cannabis in a greenhouse gives us complete control of the growing environment. We reduce our energy consumption by harnessing the sun’s heat, light, and essential plant nutrients. Adding modern technology to our greenhouses keeps our product high-grade while keeping costs down, allowing us to deliver a better yield at a fair price.

Cannabis operations at Natura Naturals

Operations at Natura Naturals

Our cannabis production employs the latest in horticulture innovation. For better quality, we use a software system for accurate control of the temperature, solar intensity, and humidity of our growing conditions. Our proprietary single feed nutrient system allows for precise injection while our water filtration system dramatically reduces the risk of plant disease. Pesticides are not used; instead, we use biological controls such as “good bugs” to eliminate the “bad bugs”.